Restore LGDF

BACOG is working with its regional partners to support the restoration of payments from the State’s Local Government Distributive Fund (LGDF). The LGDF funds essential services, such as police and fire, road repairs and maintenance, garbage collection and flood prevention.  Decreases in LGDF since 2011 have resulted in delayed capital projects, increased fees and taxes, and changes to essential services.  Restoring LGDF dollars to our communities will help relieve the property tax burden and help ensure that basic services remain in place.    

BACOG encourages you to contact your State Senator and Representative and let them know that you support restoring LGDF payments and urge them to support HB 4169 / SB 3010 — the two current bills that would partially restore LGDF to 8% with continuing automatic appropriations.  #RestoreLGDF 

Daily Herald February 18, 2022, Editorial: