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BACOG 2022 Legislative Platform

BACOG strongly supports local government authority over local decision-making and the right to self-determination


Protect Local Government Revenues

  •  Restore the local portion of LGDF to the state’s original commitment of 10% to ensure municipalities can provide core services that have a direct, day-to-day impact on individual residents’ lives. 
  •  Release bond funds to fulfill the commitments made in 2019 for shovel-ready capital projects.

Support Statewide Public Safety

  • Ensure public safety reforms preserve qualified immunity for lawful actions by police and local officials, avoid unfunded state mandates, and re-amortize downstate pension obligations.

Empower Local Decision-Making

  •  Authorize local governments to determine when remote meetings are appropriate for their community’s unique circumstances and provide meeting notices electronically.  

Protect Water Quality

  • Fund groundwater research and protection efforts, especially for shallow aquifers of the northwest suburban area and BACOG region.
  •  Provide sufficient funding for lead line replacement programs that may be expended and repaid over a reasonable and manageable period of time.

The Barrington Area Council of Governments (BACOG) is a voluntary association of elected officials that promotes cooperative arrangements and the interests of its local government members.

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2022 Legislative Platform

For further information, please contact:

Kimberly B. Saunders, Executive Director
Barrington Area Council of Governments
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