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BACOG Presents 2021 Groundwater Levels Data Report


On October 26, 2021, BACOG Groundwater Contractor Janet Agnoletti presented the results of BACOG’s groundwater levels to the BACOG Executive Board. The compiled measurements for 61 wells in our region are contained in this report. You will also see measurements collected from three transducer-equipped monitoring wells, 14 dedicated monitoring wells, and five stream gages in Flint Creek. All this data will be used in the next five-year comprehensive water levels and trends report. BACOG’s groundwater monitoring programs are assisted by the USGS, ISGS, and ISWS.  Thank you to the surveys and their staff, and thank you to our collaborating municipalities and water operators for participating in this data collection effort. A full copy of the report, BACOG 2021 Groundwater Levels Compilation Report, is available here.

For questions, please contact BACOG Executive Director Kimberly Saunders at 847-381-7871.

BACOG Presents Assessment of Area Groundwater Quality


BACOG has conducted an assessment of water quality in the area’s shallow aquifer system. Nearly all Barrington Area residents draw water from this interconnected source, whether they rely on a municipal water system or have a private or community well.  As a result, a deteriorating groundwater supply or declining groundwater quality could threaten public health and safety as well as our local economy. Understanding and protecting this natural resource is of utmost importance to each of the BACOG government members and our entire community. 

On January 26, 2021, former Executive Director Janet Agnoletti presented the results of BACOG’s analysis to the BACOG Executive Board.   A full copy of the report, Assessment of the Natural Groundwater Quality in the Shallow Aquifer System of the Barrington Area Council of Governments Region, 2008 -2018, is available on the BACOG website, here

For questions, please contact BACOG Executive Director Kimberly Saunders at 847-381-7871.

Illinois State Water Survey (ISWS) on the analysis of groundwater level changes, surface water conditions, and water use in the greater Barrington region, 2014 – 2019 

A Rapid Method for Analyzing Well Log Records in Preparation for Water Resource Mapping

BACOG’s July 2016 interim report on shallow aquifer water levels monitoring program

BACOG’s January 2015 baseline report on surface and groundwater levels

Identification of Groundwater Recharge Areas Using Readily Available Data


Know Your Water : Water Supply Edition
Know Your Water : Water Quality Edition

Know Your Water : Salt Smart Edition 

Coal Tar Sealants


Illinois State Water Survey (ISWS) Presents 5 Year Groundwater Levels Report

After five years of data collection by the BACOG office, we contracted with the Illinois State Water Survey (ISWS) to analyze changes in our area’s groundwater during the period 2014-19.  This effort describes the trend in water levels in the shallow aquifer system, notes connections between groundwater and surface waterways, and shows water use from municipal wells. 

Daniel Hadley, principle author of the ISWS report, presented the maps and findings to the Executive Board July 28th , 2020 in an online meeting.

BACOG Executive Director Janet Agnoletti presents at the 2019 Private Well Conference

Executive Director Janet Agnoletti shares details about BACOG’s successful private well water testing and groundwater programs at the 2019 Private Well Conference.

Groundwater video for elementary school curriculum

Education is a key part of BACOG’s work.  In 2015 BACOG published this video for the elementary school classrooms of Barrington Community Unit School District 220. Topics covered included the local shallow aquifer system, groundwater supply, water quality, wells, wastewater, sustainability, and government and personal action to protect groundwater.

BACOG Director Janet Agnoletti presents at the Barrington Area Library

Do you ever wonder about what comes out of your tap?  BACOG’s Executive Director Janet Agnoletti talks about the myriad ways BACOG watches out for area water interests, the resources they offer to help you ensure your water is safe, and their newest initiative with the US Geological Survey to track trends in aquifer levels.

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