Regional Planning

A balance between conservation, preservation an development, which responds to the needs and desires of BACOG area residents, and is supportive of the unique qualities of the BACOG environment.

The BACOG Comprehensive Regional Plan (most recently updated in 1998) and land use map, provide the framework for BACOG’s policies and programs in the Barrington area. It is a product of a continuing regional planning program synthesizing earlier consultant studies, adopted plans, public hearings and previous actions and decisions. It reflects the BACOG community’s sustained commitment to preserve the quality of its environment and its way of life through cooperative area-wide planning, while responding to the evolving needs of the area. The Comprehensive Plan is based on an overall goal for the BACOG area which provides general direction for the various components of the planning program. It is also related to a strategy of mutual support not only among BACOG member villages but also with other governmental entities which links BACOG plans to those of the region as a whole.

  • Two distinct but integrally related sets of basic planning policies contribute to achieving area-wide goals. These reflect the dual emphasis of the overall planning program: Environmental Policies are focused on preserving and enhancing the area’s natural environment and Land Use Policies are focused upon managing the location, timing, and quality of new growth and development. Other sections of the Comprehensive Plan address goals and objectives for the following areas: Ecology, Character, Open Space, Housing, Business & Industry, Community Services, Transportation, and Plan Implementation. The BACOG Plan and the comprehensive plans of the member municipalities are regularly updated and their goals are consistent with each other. The villages have steadfastly upheld the goals of the BACOG Comprehensive Plan in making development decisions.

BACOG positions on recent development issues

Letter to VA on Proposed Columbarium in South Barrington 11-2018

BACOG Resolution: Lake Zurich Road Realignment 5-23-17

BACOG Letter to Hoffman Estates Board Regarding Plum Farms 4-19-17


BACOG has developed numerous other planning documents for its municipalities, including:

Comprehensive Plan Chapters for Groundwater Protection

Development Impact Fee Report 10-01


BACOG also works with its member governments and community organizations in the development of other reports, such as:

Watershed Best Management Practices Handbook

Baseline Water Quality Characteristics:  Flint and Spring Creek Watersheds

Flint Creek Watershed Plan

Spring Creek Watershed Plan

9 Lakes Watershed Plan

Poplar Creek Watershed Plan