BACOG Presents Assessment of Area Groundwater Quality

BACOG has conducted an assessment of the sustainability of the area’s shallow aquifer system. Nearly all Barrington Area residents draw water from this interconnected source, whether they rely on a municipal water system or have a private or community well.  As a result, a deteriorating groundwater supply or declining groundwater quality could threaten public health and safety as well as our local economy. Understanding and protecting this natural resource is of utmost importance to each of the BACOG government members and our entire community. 

On January 26, 2021, former Executive Director Janet Agnoletti presented the results of BACOG’s analysis to the BACOG Executive Board.   A full copy of the report, Assessment of the Natural Groundwater Quality in the Shallow Aquifer System of the Barrington Area Council of Governments Region, 2008 -2018, is available on the BACOG website, here.  

For questions, please contact BACOG Executive Director Kimberly Saunders at 847-381-7871.